Adrien X

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Adrien X

Recently signed with Muse Models in New York this gem of a model is gearing up for

an industry take over. With a strong look and unmatched work ethic we know great

things are on the horizon!

Don’t take our word for it, lets hear what Adrien has to say.

What made you want to model? “I was actually discovered on Instagram from one of

the scouts so I never really had the intention to pursue modeling, but my mama

talked me into it because she was a model back then as well.”

What has been your favorite experience so far in modeling? “My favorite experience

was definitely going up to New York and connecting with some of the models from

around the world, as well as going to castings for all the big designers.”

What are you most excited for? “I am excited to travel around the world and pursue

my career in an industry I never thought I’d be in, as well as meet all these new

people I will one day be working with.”

Keep an eye out for Adrien on our social media platforms to follow along on his

journey in the modeling industry.