Laurel Magin with our Paris Takeover!


Laurel is a force in the modeling industry working in all of the major markets such as

Paris, New York, Miami, London and LA. She’s a multi-talented individual also tackling industries such as television and music!

Experienced beyond belief when it comes to modeling its no surprise she’s worked for companies such as Loreal, ASOS, Brother Vellies, Juicy Couture and Nike. She’s no stranger to being published in

magazines and even made it into Vogue! Walking in countless shows in New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week she’s taking over the runway too.

This model is always working and we know why, her personality is unmatched, her work ethic can be beaten, and she takes her career seriously. The sky is the limit for what this superstar can accomplish. Follow along on her journey here on modelscouts social media. Beyond proud of you Laurel keep it rollin!